You have felt your baby has been different from day one.  S/he seems to respond to things and life in a different manner than most.  Highly emotional, highly perceptive, and sometimes seems too aware and seemingly older than his/her real age.  Your child may bring up topics or speak of things that are confusing, sometimes scary, and you do not even know what to say in those moments.  Your child seems to get overwhelmed a lot.  S/he seems to know things that is impossible to explain.  You struggle between wanting to support and encourage your child and simply protect him/her.  You feel scared to talk about these things with family or friends as they give you looks or dismiss you as being too weird.  You might have gifts of your own, or perhaps, this is completely new territory for you.  You are seeking answers and understanding.

You want to understand your child and help him/her understand too.  You want to feel like you can support your child, protect them from the things that are too heavy, and still prepare them for the harsh reality of life.   You need help as you feel scared too.  You feel alone and are not sure where you can seek help for such a thing.  I understand.  I am here to help.

Empathic and Intuitive children often have gifts that are hard to understand.  They may scare the child and the parent.  There is both a beauty and a responsibility that comes with those gifts.  I can help you to manage that.  This work may include tools to help children regulate their mood and stress levels, suggestions on practical and helpful calming techniques, understanding how to support the children with their abilities and promote communication around it, as well as answering questions and managing your fears as the parent.

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