You are exhausted. Depleted.  All of your energy goes into just surviving your days.  Yes, there are positive moments, there is love, but there is also so much stress.  It seems like it is endless cycle of appointments, behaviors and recommended interventions, medical stressors and illness, special diets and routines, and sleepless nights.  Other parents do not get it.  They try to empathize and offer helpful words of advice, but it just makes you feel so alone.  Your experience is just not the same as others.  Your child’s needs are different and it requires different of you in ways other parents simply do not understand.

So much of your energy has gone into your child and managing home:  You may have feel like you have lost track of you.  There is simply no time in your day for you.  You feel like you have nothing left and yet each morning, you wake up and do it all over again.  You want to feel normal.  You are not sure what ‘normal’ means anymore.  You cannot imagine more days like this but it is hard to envision anything else.  This has been your reality for years.  You feel like you can’t leave home to run basic errands because the worry that something will happen if you are not there to help takes over.  You likely feel there are very few people who truly understand your child, his/her needs, and can manage to care for him/her on their own.  You need change but are not sure what that looks like or if it is even possible.

I am here to help.  Many parents of children with Special Needs talk of “Chronic Traumatic Stress Syndrome”.  The feeling of walking on eggs shells every day, hypervigilence for signs of escalating or concerning behaviors, and the overwhelming impact of stress on their entire being.  The feeling of there being no end in sight to the struggle, fatigue, and stress of daily living.  I understand that you have likely worked with many providers, feeling hopeful and then only later disappointed.  I am not offering a magic solution.  I am here to offer support, strategies for you to manage your stress and carve out space in your life for you.  An opportunity to create a sense of balance–likely still a disbalance–but a different rhythm that allows you space and time to breathe, feel, and de-stress.  I have worked with families such as yours for over 20 years. Each family has an unique culture, so I am not pretending to know yours more than you.  I am able to understand and create a safe place for you to process your experience, without fear of retribution, and help you to develop a plan to shift into a happier state of living.

Feeling ready for this change?  Let’s meet!