I invite you to contact me directly at here to schedule a session or if you have questions that I have not addressed.

Investment  My standard fee is $225 per one hour session. There may be times when it is appropriate to schedule a longer session. I am open to this and can discuss payment agreements at that time.

Payment:  All session fees are due by the beginning of each meeting. Payment may be made by debit, credit or HSA card. All changes incurred are the responsibility of the client. Prior to our first session, I send you a secure link to an encrypted platform which prompts you to enter you card information and safeguards it.  All sessions will be charged to that card unless otherwise agreed upon. It is super convenient and provides a receipt for all expenses paid at each visit.

Coaching v. Therapy:  Whole Parenting Project offers coaching services, not counseling.  Though I am a trained and licensed therapist, coaching has a completely different focus.  There is no focus on assigning diagnoses or viewing you as a ‘patient’.  Coaching celebrates you as a whole person with a future forward focus on outward change and measurable progress.  Coaching also tends to be more time limited and results driven.

If, during our work together, it becomes evident that counseling would be of service.  I would be happy to assist you in locating a therapist.  Coaching could continue as an adjunct service and is not meant to replace counseling as they are two entirely separate services.

Meeting Frequency: This is meant to be a helpful service. There is no obligation in meeting frequency.  However, most people will meet more frequently when first beginning and naturally fade as results are observed.  We can discuss the logistics of this during our first appointment.

Meeting Platform: Prior to our first appointment, I will send you a meeting link.  We meet via a video, HIPAA compliant medical platform.  It can be used anywhere and on any electronic.  Phone sessions are also available.  Meeting in such a manner may be new to you.  I am here to help answer any questions and help provide support.  Most people find surprise in the ease and comfort level of meeting virtually after the first 1-2 sessions.

Insurance:  Insurance does not reimburse for coaching services.  However, if you have HSA funds, it typically will cover the cost of such services.

Cancellation Policy:  If needing to cancel or reschedule an appointment, please do so more than 24 hours in advance. Cancellations or missed appointments under 24 hours will be charged at full rate.