Recently separated or divorced?  You are reeling and feeling like everything is lost.  You are heartbroken, sad and wondering how to move forward. Your family may feels broken up.  This is not what you envisioned things would be like.  You worry about your kids and wonder how this may impact them moving forward.  How are you supposed to do all of this by yourself?   It feels heavy, scary and you feel so alone.

Perhaps you feel you have  grieved the loss and are now looking to rebuild this new life of yours.  Though there is a sadness, relief has joined as you now can construct a life that best reflects you.   You have worked hard to get to this place.  Even so, you feel anxious and uncertain of how to do this.  So much of your life was focused on others.  This feels new and scary and you are not wanting to mess it up.

It is even possible that you moved through all of the stages of loss and rebuilding your sense of self.  Only now, you are faced with a unique challenge:  Blending of families.  You have found your loving partner and you have this new vision of your joined and created family.  You are not sure how to do this–balancing all of the needs and personalities involved, while moving forward in love.  You want to do this ‘right’ and are seeking guidance on how best to do it.

I can help.  This can include supporting you as a co-parent, identifying how to rebuild a new rhythm at home, communicating with and supporting your kids through the changes,  re-acquainting yourself to you,  moving through past hurts and barriers, and joining a created family.  I have supported other parents and families through similar situations.  These changes can be scary, even if they hurt at times and are positive, and I can help you navigate them with greater ease.

I want to help.  Let’s connect.  Click below and you can begin the journey of healing.