It feels impossible to parent with the narcissistic co-parent  as the priority is never the child–only him/herself.  You feel alone, burnt out, and totally emotionally drained.   You feel trapped in various systems (e.g. school, legal, professional services, etc) and may feel like your voice is never heard.  You see.  You want what is best for you and your child.  But no one seems to understand and so many don’t even believe you when you share your struggles.  You feel gaslighted about being gaslighted by the narcissistic parent.

You are angry.  You are so worried about your child.  You feel stuck and need to talk with someone who actually gets it.  You want to heal, know how to move out of this horrible space, and support your child.  I understand and I can help.

I have helped others in similar situations.  My focus is on supporting you, the present parent, in both supporting yourself and your child in real and meaningful ways.  I get the struggles you likely face and the various complications around them.  They can feel limiting and as though others have more say in your parenting than you do.  You want to run away and escape the narcissistic parent, but your love for your child keeps you enduring. Our work together can help you to learn to navigate the chaos, the attacks, in a more neutral manner. No feeling panicked and bracing when receiving messages from the narcissistic parent. Feeling empowered. Feeling like a good parent and supporting your child through this.  Healing and moving forward with your life in the manner you dream but that feels more like a fantasy than a possible reality.



If you are feeling ready for relief and peace, let’s begin by clicking the link below.