The fighting. The yelling.  The same looping conflicts.  You feel like your styles of parenting are so different.  Sometimes you align, but most others you simply do not.  The kids are in the middle.  They feel the stress and sometimes they even take sides.  You feel so guilty.  It shouldn’t be like this. This isn’t your child’s fault.  Nothing seems to work.  Your co-parent just does what you plead and ask that they don’t do.  They always seem frustrated with you and feel like you are undermining them as parents.  You sometimes agree, but there are situations in which you simply cannot stand down as you feel like what s/he is doing is ‘wrong’ and/or hurtful.  You try to talk about it but it goes no where.  It just keeps happening….again and again….and you are losing hope.

It hurts to feel like your choices may be harming your kids.  You want to avoid home–it no longer feels like a positive and loving space.  You so desperately want this to change.  You just do not know how.  Nothing you have done before has helped.  You are not sure your relationship will last.  You feel so angry and hurt.  Maybe you are even questioning if you even like or respect your partner.

I can help.  As you already know, parenting is tough.  Sharing that journey with another person, who has a completely different style, can prove stressful.  But it is doable.  The co-parenting relationship is really about the child and his/her best interests.  As parents, we have to learn how to parent the child we have–not necessarily the child we envisioned.  It can be hard to align as parents but doing so is critical to the well-being of the kids.  And I am here to help teach you how.  There does not imply you will share the same style.  It does mean you will learn to align through your love and commitment towards your kids and to learn to put aside personal ‘stuff’ to focus on a unite path that best matches your child’s needs.  Sounds easy, right?  NO.  However, it is doable. I have taught other parents to do similarly.

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