You had a dream of how parenting would look like. This most definitely is not what you pictured.  You are exhausted, stressed and overwhelmed.  You feel terrified.  You feel like you have no idea what you are doing or how things should be done. You cry a lot. There is a lot of fighting.  You feel guilty.  You are worried that you are messing it up and doing it all wrong.  You don’t feel like you even know yourself anymore.  There’s simply not enough time to do the things you feel need to be done and it is stressing you out.  When you try to be more on top of things, something always disrupts it. You feel those flashes of anger and the frustration.  You feel defeated and may even find yourself yelling a lot.  Your house is in chaos, you may feel disconnected from those you love most,  and you feel like change needs to happen NOW.

Parenting is a learning process for both the parents and the child.  You want to feel confident and that your choices reflect the best in you as a parent.  You want balance in your life but aren’t sure how to do that now. Everything is different.  You want to be able to connect and talk with your partner and to feel loved and supported on your darkest days.  You want to smile more and enjoy this as you had envisioned. You feel like your stress is limiting that joy and this saddens you.  You want more but you do not have energy to actually do more.

I can help.  Our work together can help you feel calmer, more present and engaged, and create a more balanced rhythm at home.  You can learn to manage the emotional tide, reconnect with those you love, and carve space in you life for YOU.

I exclusively offer on-line video sessions which allows you to meet from anywhere.  No commutes.  No logistics of diaper bags, feeding times, or car seats.  You can meet from the comfort of your own home if you so choose.  I am here to help.


Wanting to start feeling better?  I invite you to schedule our first session.