Some days you do not want to get out of bed. You feel exhausted and drained. You tell yourself you ‘should’ feel happier and more grateful. You have a lot going for you–that’s what everyone tells you at least. You struggle with admitting out loud that sometimes anxiety and fear take over. You mask your pain with frozen smiles and laughter. You find yourself terrified of failing and this overwhelming need to do BETTER and MORE. You feel like if you don’t, then everything will fall apart. You feel responsible for it all (work, home, kids) and the heavy burden of so many people relying on you. You cry when alone. You are terrified of disappointing others, You pretend that everything is fine. You worry what would happen if anyone knew how you really felt and thought. You feel like you cannot keep doing this but are afraid that you will lose it all if you don’t.

You want balance in your life. You want to feel more energized and more at peace. You want to reconnect with you and have time to do the things that you love and enjoy but can never dedicate time to. You want to feel free of guilt when you take care of you. You want to keep being a top performer at work, feel like a good parent, wife, daughter and friend but feel pleasure in those aspects of life. You want a partner who understands you and doesn’t seem content to let you smile and keep it all going–that shares the heaviness of the burden you carry each day. You want to wake up ready for the challenges you seek out and excited about your day. You want to like you again.

I can help. I know your schedule is busy and likely you are already feel like there is not time for anything else. I have the solution for you: On-line sessions. No commuting for office visits or scheduling around work travel and kids activities. We can meet virtually via a secured platform in your place of comfort and choosing. Highly convenient, confidential and just as effective as in office visits. However, minus all of the logistical stress. Coaching support services travel where you do and we can meet anywhere.

Ready to get started?  Let’s make today the first day in your path to feeling better.